Sunday, February 1, 2009

Photo Meme

I have been tagged by The Pagan Sphinx for a photo meme.

This is the kind of meme I like! Easy and fun! All you do is go to your sixth folder, choose your sixth photo in that folder, and post it. You link back to the person who chose you, and choose six more people to do the same.

My sixth folder is of photos I took during a visit to a convalescent home last May. As I was leaving, from the parking lot I spied this elderly gentleman practicing a few golf swings on the front lawn. Not a really great photo, but I like it, and it does bring back memories of a warm, pleasant, spring day.

The photographers I choose, if they choose to participate, are:

Judy at Imagine
Lily at Long Island Daily Photo
Laura at Somewhere in New Jersey
Daryl at Out and About in New York City
Deborah at Notes from the Cloud Messenger
Dawn at Dawn's Bloggy Blog

No pressure. If you have the time and inclination, show us your picture.


Sylvia K said...

A really lovely shot! Whispers of summer and warm weather! I do like that thought! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

I love that shot! It looks so nostalgic; not just the elderly gentleman but the grounds too. Very nice. I'm glad you participated. I'll have to check out the bloggers you tagged!

kenju said...

Thanks, Bobbie. I'll do it and post it on Tuesday, probably.

Dianne said...

a really sweet touching scene
and that tree is beautiful said...

my work is took longer than I expected, but so worth it-some of my favorite blogs will be seen by more people!
thanks Bobbie!
; ) said...

wasn't it fun seeing what you would wind up with?

Daryl said...

Great shot .. lots of memories .. and I did this a few weeks or months ago but will do it again .. this coming weekend!

KG said...

It's so nice to see something lush and green this time of year. I can't wait!

Linda Murphy said...

What a lovely photo and I love the shades of pink.