Saturday, June 13, 2009

All For Good - 2

Just a little more background about this new venture -

The spirit behind it all can be described in President Obama's phrase. He has spoken about the nation's challenges in troubled times, saying that "the American people are not the problem - they are the answer." There will soon be a national call for volunteerism. All For Good is already being set up to help all of us meet that call.

All For Good was begun by Craig Newmark of the Craigslist Foundation. The people behind it are also from Google, Adobe, YouTube, Causecast, etc. It will offer to us all the opportunity to use the modern technology of the web to volunteer whatever talents we may have to help one another and our communities.

The idea is nothing new. The method is. The plan is in its infancy. Let's help it to grow.


kenju said...

Thanks, Bobbie. I bookmarked the site.

Daryl said...

It looks very interesting, again, thanks, Bobbie for posting this