Friday, June 26, 2009

My Garden

I am excited! It's starting to bloom at last! Only starting, mind you, but it's enough to excite me. I'm sure that any day now I will go out and see twenty feet or so of flowers blooming. I'll be eating more vegetables than just the lettuce too.

My first sunflower opened a couple of days ago.

The wildflowers have been blooming, but they are from last year.

And I planted the marigolds and the angelonia as plants rather than seed.

But now the smallest of the seeds I planted have begun to
bloom. You have to look closely to find them, but it's a beginning

This is one of the petunias from my big basket on the front step, complete with sleeping bug. Hey! Have you been eating my flower?

I think he's snoozing after his meal of petunia.
Click to see him more easily.

I'm really looking forward to the butterfly bush. The blooms are forming nicely, and a few are starting to show purple. I do enjoy that one. Most of the seeds that I sowed will be a surprise. I was given a big box of mixed seeds labeled for a hummingbird garden, so I won't know until they bloom how many of what kinds of flowers will appear. I know that I will love them all. Just hope our hummers find them enticing.

I took all of these pictures yesterday morning. In the afternoon I intended to head over to the local airport for some photos of the biplanes doing their aerobatics. They've been zooming around for two days now. I got as far as Bayshore Road. The gas company detours had the road blocked solid for a long, long stretch, and from what I could see, there were other detours ahead. I turned around and went home.

Instead, I went back to pick mulberries. I haven't had mulberries since I was a child. There is a tree all the way in the back of my property, where I rarely go, and it seems that every year I forget about it until it's too late. They fall to the ground as soon as they're ripe, and are walked on and mowed over, and by the time I think of it, they are gone. But yesterday I did manage to collect a few. Of course, I didn't think of gloves, and my hands quickly turned purple. A small price to pay. I was so pleased with my small harvest.

Do any of you have fruit trees, bushes, vines - whatever?


Deborah Godin said...

Loved reading about your garden adventures! Picking berries is a wonderful occupation - I used to pick wild blueberries when I was a little kid visiting my grandparents in the U.P. In the west I had raspberries a previous owner had planted. So far, no berries here...but you've got me thinking about planting some. Maybe strawbs!

Anonymous said...

Bobbie - your garden seems to be a delight. We have a nice apple tree that has provided us with some lovely Cox's Orange Pippins for a few years. We have just picked all the gooseberries from our bush and there are usually some blackberries and blackcurrents to be had. I think we've forgotten to plant any strawberry plants and the old ones don't seem to be much good now. Must put that right next year. Other than that, we have shallots, parsnips, lettuces, rhubarb, tomatoes and runner beans to be hopeful for. Oh, we have tried carrots this year but I'm not too optimistic about them as our spil is rather poor.

Keep up with the garden news!


Ralph said...

Forgetting you gloves is a small price to pay for the reward you received. Favorites? I love them all this time of year. But if I had to limit it it would be the the Spring Snow crab tree - like the way it flowers. I planted one in my neighbors yard - no room in mine.

kenju said...

All looks very nice, Bobbie. I got to feeling guilty about having so few flowers this year, so I went to the garden center this afternoon and bought a lantana, some purple stuff I can't remember right now and some zinnias. I'm going to get some small ivy and something else and plant them altogether in a big pot for my deck! I'll have a little color, at least.

Kay said...

I love your garden photos. We had a cherry and apple tree in Illinois as well as raspberry bushes. I really miss them here in Hawaii. Here we have two lemon and two papaya trees. I wish we had a mango tree but they're too expensive to maintain.

Rambling Woods said...

I love your garden..I have a butterfly bush and some other butterfly friendly plants, but no fruit/berry trees or bushes of any kind.