Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gas Lines

This is the morning they will definitely be passing my house. As I write this, it is only 7:30, and I hear them starting now. I don't have to leave the house until almost 9: How come they are starting so early today? And will they give me a chance to get out of my drive? - Well, they will, because I will make a heck of a noise about it if they don't.

At the moment, the only good thing about this whole deal is that I took some pictures of their big equipment to send to my four year old grandson, and he'll be thrilled about it. I'm glad someone will be happy.

They took out my mailbox and turned it backwards to make room for their machine.


Daryl said...

Good luck with that ... its going on THREE months now without a gas which means NO STOVE .. now, me, I am not complaining since I dont cook but Husband is not happy .. he's actually lost weight since its next to impossible to make spaghetti sauce from scratch on a two burner hot plate... so he hasnt had pasta for .. almost 3 months.

KG said...

How annoying! I hope they finish quickly. I hate those seemingly endless, disruptive projects.

Michele said...

I don't like construction either... they paved the road the other month down here and boy oh boy... what a racket... I'm so happy it's over but yet, I love the road!
Good luck!

Dianne said...

I hope it went OK
Did you have to kick ass? ;)