Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Squash Blossoms, A Day Without Rain, Gas Company Woes

I had noticed a little while ago, that a stray squash seed must have found its way into the large container where I planted my "magic beans". Yesterday I saw two huge buds on the vine, and this morning - squash blossoms! They are so pretty. Don't quite know what I'll do if I end up with squash growing in this container though. That should prove interesting.

My garden that Joe dug along the fence is going great guns with all the rain we have had. Right now there isn't much blooming in it except the day lilies, some small marigold plants I put in, and a couple of angelonia I added for early color. But soon the butterfly bush will blossom, and the many hummingbird flower seeds should have made themselves known as well. I have added a few veggies, but so far all I have eaten is lettuce.

We have made it all the way to 4:45 today WITHOUT RAIN !! That's pretty exciting.

The gas company has actually started a little repair of the damage done to our street. Not a lot - but it's a start. Lisa called me from work this afternoon to tell me she had just heard that there is a South Jersey Gas blog on line. Well, I had to go read that immediately. These people have been really pushing their product right from the start - which is, of course, quite understandable. I did not attend the public meetings they held at Town Hall, for the simple reason that I would not want gas even if they paid me instead of the other way around. I've had experience with it, and I really hate it. So I can't tell you what was said there. But I'm sure they presented it as all sunshine and roses - again, understandable since they want to sell it to as many as possible. Each time they had their meetings there was a huge bright balloon man waving outside the door. Very cute. They send a representative to homes to look at the situation and tell the homeowner how easy it will be to make the conversion. Only in some cases I've heard of, she is mistaken, and when they get down to it there have to be major expensive adjustments. They are really trying hard for good will. They are sponsoring a Little League team for the youngest kids, and now they have this blog. The workmen doing the actual roadwork are very pleasant and friendly. But I'm sorry - no amount of friendliness can change the facts. It's a very expensive proposition to make a conversion, and few people around this area are terribly affluent, with a few exceptions. They laid pipe all the way down our two block street. Two houses on the end of our block did hook up, and I believe there are two at the other end of the other block. That's actually at least two more than I anticipated, and one of them I know is not too pleased with what she found out after she was committed to it. Meantime, we are all inconvenienced, and the detours on the main roads are absurd. Water mains have been broken as well. And why is that? Didn't they check before they dug, as most of us are required to do?

I will be soooo happy when this is over!

Well, let me go back to concentrating on the fact that it didn't rain all day. That should make me feel better. I'll fill my hummingbird feeders, and later I will watch the fireflies. They always make me feel better too.


Sylvia K said...

Oh, I do so understand your frustration! Yes, do concentrate on the lack of rain for a few hours! Hope tomorrow is a better day, Bobbie!!

Hey Harriet said...

Don't the gardens just love the rain!?! We've been experiencing a lot of rain here lately, and it annoys me but I do love how all the gardens look after. I have gas & really like it for cooking. It was already connected here before moving in though. I imagine it would be rather expensive to convert!

Daryl said...

The garden looks lush .. this weather is good for something tho I am not sure what!

I feel your gas pain .. no joke!

Anonymous said...

I love gardens but I like them best when someone else does the work! Surprisingly, we haven't had much rain recently, so ours could have benefitted from your downpour. Mrs. Bear has owrked hard on the garden this year but now she's got me trying put a gate up at the bottom where it's bit of a jungle (to say the least). Oh well, I best get back to it. Enjoy your garden, Bobbie and don't let the gas people get to you!

Dianne said...

LOL at Daryl

I feel your gas pain too!!

I'm looking forward to see what grows in the magical squash patch