Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Think Green Thursday #9

Michele and Gina are bringing us Think Green Thursday once again. Please join in and tell us your thoughts on our environment.

OK. One more toon:

I can't seem to stop myself from tooning. Even when it isn't very good. You can click to enlarge, of course. And yes, I do know the answer to my question is the almighty dollar.

I am very interested in the work of the organization known as "we". They have tried before and are trying again to get their videos on TV. They have appeared in the past, but these are sponsored by public contributions. They don't have the money behind them that the big oil and gas corporations do. Their videos don't stay on very long. They are also brief, low budget videos - but good.

If you have interest in seeing a change to a clean energy economy, you can view the current video and read about it, and perhaps contribute $15 or so. Go to:
http// - or just go to YouTube if you want to see others, including those from we and from Al Gore and several others. Just put in "Repower America". They are all there.

We Can Solve It


Rambling Woods said...

I wasn't aware of this at all, so thank you very much. I see you linked to Nature Notes and Think Green Thursday. I also added Repower to the links at the Think Green website...
Michelle From Rambling Woods

Carletta said...

A wonderful Think Green post.
I love your tooning!