Sunday, September 14, 2008

Change of Seasons

I guess autumn is really on its way at last.

Before I leave the subject of 9/11 completely, let me mention that my daughter
posted and said, on that morning, the three year old woke up and said to her, "Mommy, tell me about some people who died." No preamble. No explanation for it. But it is rather chilling, isn't it?


As I have mentioned, I have had the first cricket inside the house for the season. And now I have another. This one has not shown himself. He has been residing somewhere in the kitchen for the past two nights. I don't really mind too much, since he is staying in the kitchen - so far. It's far enough from my bedroom that I am not driven crazy by his chirping all night, and I don't think there's anything in there like carpet or paper that he can destroy.


The best part of autumn in this part of the world is the absence of tourists, at least for a while. I went food shopping on Friday morning, and there was hardly any traffic on the roads, and I could walk down the aisles in the store without being elbowed, and there was only one person ahead of me at check out. Tomorrow I have to go up the Parkway to the doctor's office, and I know I can plan the timing easily to make my appointment. Lots less stress.


What are your feelings about meteorologists? I know it isn't an exact science, so far as being able to predict with complete accuracy which way a hurricane is going to move, etc. I don't mind when they can't tell us that kind of th
ing . But it kind of gets to me when they try anyway, and get all worked up about it, making dire predictions as to what might happen. They seem to be on the same wave length as the anchor men and women who tease us with world-shaking news that we can only hear if we tune in at 11: , and we don't want to miss it! Don't get all wide-eyed and fill your voice with unwarranted urgency. Just tell me what you think is going to happen, and own up to the fact that you don't really know for sure. - And what's with sending some poor soul outside in the worst imaginable conditions to tell us it's windy and raining? We know it. We will believe you if you confirm this for us - from inside the studio. Honest. Sure, I'd like to see some pictures of flooding or a dust storm, just so I know how bad it is in another part of the country. But not at the risk of the cameraman's life.

Weather, along with "news", has now become entertainment. I think it's sick.


May I indulge myself with another Grandma story? Nothing sensational. Just a quiet and amusing little anecdote. First of all, I called him a three year old. He is now three and a half. That is very important to him now.

Isaac gathered all of his stuffed toys of the Winnie the Pooh characters, and then added farm animals and a few others. He announced that he wanted to act out the Pooh stories. His mom asked how all the others fit in. He said, "Dose are the fwens and a-lations."


He got on the phone with me Sunday, and told me very excitedly (and loudly) that he is three and a half. He goes to a yoga class for little people and their parents. They do positions like the dolphin, the shark, etc. Last week he told the teacher he had made up a new position. It is the octopus, which he demonstrated for her.


Well, gas is now down to 3.35 here, and considerably lower in some towns. Don't understand the inconsistency. My feeling is that prices should be statewide. The Villas Girl tells me that the Wawa stations are now asking for cash up front. I guess they've been ripped off too often, but how the heck can you know how much you're going to need before they pump it, especially when the prices jump day to day?


Guess I've rambled on long enough today. What? Another chicken joke?


kenju said...

fwens and alations are very important!!

I'm with you on weather people. They don't seem happy unless there is a disaster looming. I hate the constant weather programming during storms.

Nora said...

Oh I had such fun reading through your stories today...and thought the stories of your grandson to be the funniest and told so lovingly also. cheers.

Anonymous said...

Nice posts, Bobbie. Autumn is my favourite season. I adore the mists and the frost (although we don't seem to get many of those since global warming kicked in). Those blue, frosty days are so cleansing. I feel anything is possible on days like that. The leaves have been turning brown for a long time here in Wales. This surprises me because it has been horrendously wet all summer. Perhaps it's been too wet?

Regarding the absence of tourists: We used to live in Bath and it is filled with tourists practically the whole year around. The only time the locals got any peace semed to be about February and March. I suppose the gangs of European school kids were the worst as they didn't even seem to be all that interested in the place but some of your fellow Americans could be rather annoying (sorry). Of course, many were wonderful people and I'm sure the city was glad of their money!

Winnie-The-Pooh - unbeatable!

Alida Thorpe said...

Another great posting!

I often say the same thing about the weather reports. Do I have to see a weather person holding on for dear life to know it's windy outside? It's a hurricane! Of course, it's wind! Show me a tree through the window.

Anyway, I enjoy reading your blog and now put it on my google reader. Thanks you.

Judy said...

Love those chicken jokes. Your grandson is at a great age and sounds like he very entertaining. I love fall, too. The weatherman told us we would have 35 to 45 mile winds yesterday and we had 65 to 70. No cable, internet, phone,all night and electric on and off. My yard is full of limbs but nothing like Ike. We have some roads closed due to down power lines and not one drop of rain. The weatherman said we would finally get some rain after two months! I don't believe much that they say anymore.

Bear Naked said...

There is not enough money in the world to pay me to stand outside in a hurricane.
I can't believe there are so many idiots willing to do such a foolish thing.

Bear((( )))

Bear Naked said...

Thank you for your comment today on my blog.
If by writing about my personal experiences with TVT surgery just helps ONE woman then it will be well worth it.

Bear((( )))

Unknown said...

That Isaac sounds like quite a kid!

Regarding the American obsession with weather - it's what I call part of the fear mongering mentality we've developed over the years as a nation. The threat of terrorism sells the nation on a needless war; while fear of bad weather keeps us riveted to our TV screens.

I don't meant to imply that we should ignore the weather, but I think it's because people demand weather news so much, that the meteorologists feel compelled to sensationalize the possibilities.

Great post and tid-bits, Bobbie!


Daryl said...

WONDERFUL ramble, Bobbie, and I love Isaac stories !