Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sand Castles

First - an update.

There is no longer a big red warning on the eCasualties site. So it is back, Google having decided it is no threat to anyone. Sadly, there is already an addition of two more names on the list of dead. In the past couple of weeks, the list has grown by one or two at least every other day. Who knows? Maybe the counter will return soon too.


Have you seen the email that is going around, with pictures of the Sand Castle contest in Oregon? I just had to put on a few pictures from that email. I cannot imagine anyone capable of sculpting sand in such intricate detail! Here are just a few of them. Click to enlarge.


Judy said...

They are so beautiful. I can't imagine how they do this. It has always fascinated me. All that work and then it is gone. I guess they do have pictures. It is just awesome.

Sylvia K said...

They are magnificent aren't they? It's really something to be on the beach and see them for real. One more great thing about the Oregon coast. I'm closer to the water here in Seattle, but I miss the beautiful beaches in Oregon. Thanks for posting these!

Daryl said...

I hope it doesnt rain...


Kathie Brown said...

Well, this certainly puts my bucket castles to shame! What beauty and talent! I love sculpture! Thanks for sharing this. I had not seen these photos.

Bear Naked said...

Who are so worried about posting casualties figures in the US?
Why would anyone not want to honour these boys?
If this ever happens in Canada I will be the loudest to voice my disapproval.
They have DIED for their country, why not honour their memory?

Bear((( )))

bobbie said...

Bear: The Powers That Be in the administration and military never wanted much said about numbers of casualties. They want everyone to think that all is well, and so the less said the better. They even tried to keep photographers away from body bags being unloaded. The theory here is that such figures might be best kept quiet during the Rep.Convention.
No, of course there's no proof of this. Never would be.
So far as the counter - could be they just didn't pay their bill. Maybe they didn't get enough donations.

Jules said...

I got sent this a while ago. I did some follow-up investigation and found so many more incredible ones out there. Who knew that they offered sand castle building classes?
They are fabulous, aren't they?

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I can't believe those are made of sand. I couldn't believe it if they were sculpted out of Whatever YOu Sculpt Things Out of.

These are simply amazing. Thanks for sharing.

KG said...

Seeing this reminds me of this show that comes on the Travel channel every now and again. It's this sand castle contest hosted annually, and apparently the rules are there are teams who each build an original design. But there is dynamite under each pile of sand they are using to construct their creation and periodically during the event, somebody is chosen at random to have their design blown up. If theirs is destroyed, they can still win this "consolation prize" for "best recovery."

Very strange - but may be worth googling. There's probably a video on Youtube out there.