Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Little More About Green Jobs

Yesterday morning I published a short piece about the Green Job Act of 2007. There were supposed to be - and I hope there were - demonstrations all over the country to get Congress to start going to work on the Act. In much of the country there have been storms and flooding, which may have put a damper on things, quite literally. I know, for instance, that I got out of bed to turn off the computer at 1: am, when I was wakened by thunderbumpers so loud they shook the house. But that sort of thing must not stop our efforts.

A farmer friend from Nebraska asked me if - in view of the fact that he uses "a John Deere mower with a six foot deck on a windy day" - does that mean he already has a Green Job? Well, yeah, Cliff. My personal opinion is that farmers have Green Jobs. I know a little about farmers. There have been a few in my family, and I am surrounded by farmland here in South Jersey. That's what we do - farming and fishing. And trying to keep the crazy tourists from tramping over the fields.

For the benefit of those of you in the Big City, farming isn't just putting seeds into the ground and waiting for them to grow. A farmer has to be a Jack of all trades, and today's farmer needs a college education to do it right.

But - what we're looking for within the Green Jobs Act of 2007 is training programs to get people into jobs such as: (and I'm quoting right from the site)

Jobs that will preserve and enhance environmental quality
Installing solar panels

Retrofitting buildings
Constructing transit lines

Refining wasted oil into biodiesel
Erecting wind farms
Repairing hybrid cars
Building green rooftops
Planting trees

The Act authorizes money to create an Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Worker Training Program. Because it would then put so many to work, it is believed to be able to "create a Green Pathway out of poverty".

Think about it.
Do something about it.

Here's the site.


Sept. 29 - Thank you, Ray, for leaving your comment.

Ray has provided three links for those already trained and interested in finding a Green Job directly. He says there are well-paying Green Jobs listed: (networking) (aggregated listings) (matches you to jobs)


Daryl said...

Have you ever read Anita's blog .. she lives in Greensburg Kansas which was totaled by a tornado over a year ago .. they are rebuilding Greensburg almost totally GREEN ..


Sylvia K said...

You always say it right! When does this country wake up to the necessity of "going green" in whatever ways we can -- and there are many! We just have to take the time and more important, the interest, the caring about what happens to our planet.

Anonymous said...

Here here! Great post, Bobbie. There is so much more money to be made, so many more jobs, in going green than in not! said...

wow great post(s) Bobbie! Raising peoples awareness like you are doing is vital. Thanks for sharing.
: )

Raymond said...

Despite the stats, I see so many high paying green jobs posted on employment sites - (networking) (aggregated listings) (matches you to jobs)

I see 100K, 150K and 200K jobs. For those that know where to look, they will find great jobs.

Unknown said...

Great to get this out. I had not heard of it and truly appreciate the effort. Thank you.