Saturday, September 27, 2008

WE - Green Jobs

Today is a day of action all across the country. Groups will be demonstrating, asking for training for Green Jobs - Jobs directed at changing our way of life to construct homes and other buildings in more environmentally friendly ways and with environmentally friendly materials; jobs related to solar or wind energy; jobs related to any and al
l ways that we can free ourselves from reliance on oil.

The Gre
en Jobs Act has been allowed to languish for almost two years. Let your Congressman know that you want it to be acted upon.

Way down at the bottom of this page, below the Archives, there is a brief video concerning Green Jobs.


Cliff said...

Is using a big John Deere mower with a 6 foot deck on a windy day considered a green job? If so I've already got one today.

bobbie said...

Cliff, I'm pretty sure just about any farmer you can name has a green job.

libhom said...

We should be focusing our attention and resources on bailing out the super rich. Jobs and the environment will just have to wait until we know that every billionaire has two extra villas and five extra swimming pools.