Monday, June 8, 2009

The Golf Course

This post started with a recent post by Lily Hydrangea of Long Island Daily Photo. She had a lovely picture of the course in Bethpage.

As with so many things these days, it started me thinking of my childhood in Pennsylvania. The course nearest our home then was in Aronamink. I'm not sure that's the way it's spelled. I believe it's still a rather famous course, but not being a golf fan myself, I can't be sure.

The course was a good distance from my home, but in those days my friends and I walked everywhere, for miles at a time. I've always loved to walk. My best friend and I used to take long walks together, and often ended at the golf course. There were patches of woods as well as the greens. We had discovered what we were sure was a fairy ring at one spot we visited. One day while we were there, a golf ball came flying in. Being nice little girls that we were, we picked it up and went looking for its owner. The gentleman seemed to look rather annoyed at first, but graciously thanked us anyway and went on his way back to his game.

In the winter time we spent many an hour on the golf course with our sleds. There was one spot we called Deadman's Hill. That one was a bit much for me, alone on my sled. But Georgie Swanson let me bellyflop on top of him and his sled, and took me down that hill many times. Georgie had a crush on me. I didn't really care much for him, but was more than willing to ride down the hill with him.

It was a long way to trudge home after a day of sledding, with snow caked in our hair and our clothes. There was a little place on the way where we used to stop sometimes for hot cocoa. - What an odd thing to be thinking of at the beginning of June!

By the way - Georgie was the one who first whispered "I love you" into my ear and gave me my first kiss. We were in the front row of the Waverly Theater on a Saturday afternoon. Sadly, I was not sweetly responsive to his gesture.

Enough reminiscing. Back to June and my garden!


Daryl said...

Fun memories no matter what season said...

I love the name Georgie Swanson! & a great story too Bobbie.

Paz said...

What a fun memory. I enjoyed reading your post. I hope Georgie found his true one eventually.


Dawn Fine said...

Nice memories Bobbie..and your first I love you...tee hee..

Anonymous said...

Nice to remember things like this. I remember my first kiss was to Alice. And it was not shooting stars, closed eyes and flat-out falling down on your butt. It was astonishing and not much different from picking your nose. But then I wasn't very old then either.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville, Ohio

Deborah Godin said...

What a bouquet of sweet memories! And I bet Georgie remembers that heart-stopping moment when you rode his sled with him, too!!

Hey Harriet said...

Oh poor Georgie!

I enjoyed your reminiscing! Hey wouldn't it be funny if Georgie stumbled upon this? :D