Monday, June 15, 2009

Noisy Morning

They've reached our block. The natural gas line pipes being installed in our area are about to go down our street. I doubt anyone on our block will be going through the expensive process of the hook up, but they are coming anyway. They have reached a point almost at my house.

Knowing how inconsiderate they have been so far, I have no faith that they will notify anyone to move their cars out of their driveways, so I parked mine on the street. They would have to come ask me to move it if they are getting down this far. If they don't get this far by tomorrow morning, I would be able to just drive away. I have a doctor's appointment then, or I wouldn't have bothered. But then I had a chance to speak with them, and they assured me that when they dig it will be accomplished "instantly", to quote them. I will have no trouble.

Well, frankly I'll believe that when I see it, after what I have seen of them so far, but I moved my car back into the drive, and I'm hoping for the best.

In any case, I'm sure the street will be blocked to any through traffic for a day or so. I'll content myself with staying home, except for that appointment.

Other than that "excitement", nothing much going on around here. I've found a critter or two to photograph. And there's the garden coming along very well now. That's about it.

The things I have in planters on the deck are pretty well saturated. We've had so much rain! I've lost a few things. Two of my planters had no drainage holes, and I was relying on rocks and shells at the bottom for that. Didn't work. Not with all the water that we've had. Lisa came yesterday with her handy little drill, and put some drainage holes in for me. Thank you, Lisa!


Deborah Godin said...

I hope the work gets done quickly and w/o incident! You've had some nice visitors, too - that's quite the natty little wasp!!

Dianne said...

when I lived in Brooklyn they dug up the street - a very busy one - twice in 6 months

they put plates over the ditches they dug so folks could use their driveways but the street was so narrowed by the work that you had to stop traffic and try to get out


your garden is lovely

Go Lisa!!

Sylvia K said...

Oh, don't even get me started on road crews! Hope all goes well and you can get to your appointment! Your flowers are so lovely and you've captured them perfectly! Interesting critters! Almost missed the frog, he was so much the color of the ground! Have a great week!

Frank Baron said...

Nice pics. The one of the toad made me nostalgic. Over the years, we had three toads as pets, cleverly named Stumpy 1, Stumpy 2 and (wait for it) Stumpy 3. Stumpy 3 passed away a couple of years ago and I kinda miss him. He looked just the the one in your photo.

kenju said...

I think the noise and the dirt generated by such projects are as bad as the expense!!