Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Shadow of Myself - and an Award

It's what I've been seeing all summer long. In the blazing summer sun, there it is. On the grass, or the sidewalk, the sand, the boards, the bricks, the asphalt, or against the wall. I am only a shadow.

Would that it were so.

This is the icon I use on my Flickr site. Don't you think I look well? I kind of like it.

I've always been fascinated with shadows. Not just of myself. Of everything and anything. Shadows of trees and flowers and animals and birds. The shadows made on buildings or at construction sites. they are all fascinating.

Here is one from years ago. It is of one of my daughters and myself, standing at the railing behind the old Cape May Convention Hall on the boardwalk. Our shadows fell on the sand below us.

I especially love the shadows of trees as I walk through a wooded area. My old favorite, L
eaming's Run, is a great place to find shadows like that.

And who cannot enjoy this one. Not only my grandson, but look at the shadow of the sand leaving the shovel.

And the line of fencing seen along the path.

And one of my favorite roads nearby.
Fishing Creek Road

And here's me again


I love shadows.


On another note - Blackie and Bob, from Ratmammy's Kittie Blog, have given me an award. These furry little friends have decreed that I deserve a Brainy Blog Award.

How they arrived at this conclusion, I could not tell you. I have never, by any stretch of the imagination, thought of myself as brainy. Maybe they got confused and thought that I was furry, like them? Or maybe that I have furry thinking? Whatever the reason, I do thank them for their gracious gesture.

Like most awards, this one comes with rules attached. I will link back to the
Bob and Blackie Show. And I will link back to Mommy Brain Reports. But I am not going to pass on the award to five more bloggers. I know so many brainy bloggers these days, I don't think I can choose.

Thank you so much, Blackie and Bob. You are lovely felines. I do appreciate it very much.


Judy said...

I remember as a child always looking at shadows and trying to make shadows out of everything like the hand shadows. There have been lots of shadows here this summer, too, just lurking around everywhere!

kenju said...

I always notice shadows too, Bobbie. I think it is the artist in us.

Bear Naked said...

What wonderful shadow photos you have posted on your blog today.
The one of your little grandson is perfect.

Thank you for your kind comments today on my blog.
What a shame it is that we Canadians have to do this---but we HAVE to do it. It is the proper way to honour our HEROES and their families who have lost so much.

Bear((( )))

Dianne said...

I'm fascinated with shadows

Your photos are wonderful

and you are one of the most intelligent eloquent bloggers so you surely deserve that award. said...

I just caught up on your last several posts and you seem extremely brainy to me.
I like shadows too.

me ann my camera said...

This comment is totally unrelated in a way but when people talk of shadows, such as your post today, I have a flashback of my first lesson ever taught as a practice teacher in a rural school of grades 4 to 6, many, many years ago. My assignment was to teach a lesson on how shadows were created. I recall drawing a picture of the sun, then a tree, then the shadow of the tree on the ground. Your shadow photos would have been much more interesting to use to get the concept across :-)