Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Think Green Thursday

My thanks to Michele of Rambling Woods, who now hosts Think Green Thursday.

In a previous post I have mentioned Tootie, and her Turtle Talk. On Saturday she posted the news that our endangered sea turtles, the Loggerhead, pictured here,

and also the Leatherback, shown here laying her eggs in the sand, are in more grave danger.

She referred us to a news release from Earthjustice, and from the Center for Biological Diversity, to the effect that our National Marine Fisheries Service is about to change the rules. Instead of trying to preserve these wonderful animals, already in danger of extinction, they are proposing to pass laws concerning commercial swordfish longline fishing which would by all reports increase the death of these turtles by as much as three times what is already happening. The longlines also cause serious injury to the animals who are not dragged down to be drowned.

This report came out on June 19th, and the Fisheries Service is accepting public comment for 45 days. Their address is: 1315 E. West Highway, Silver Springs, Maryland 20910.

The photographs are from National Geographic.

I'm going to hit you with a double whammy this week.

Remember my last week's Think Green? This one:

Well, the House of Representatives is about to vote on the power bill.

The lobbyists, such as the Coal Lobby, and the gas and oil people, are pouring on the pressure. It will be a close vote. Please

Do it on your own, or you can call 1-877-9-737-6937 where you can get some direction and talking points.

Please don't let the bad guys win by distorting facts to influence the vote. We don't need still more rising fuel costs and further dependence on foreign oil.


Tootie said...

Thanks for helping out Bobbie. :-)

Deborah Godin said...

Great reporting and resource links, Bobbie! I hate how we've become (by necessity) a "fact-checker" society because anyone in advertising, or politics, can outright lie,spin and totally lmake stuff up, whatever they feel like, and leave the onus on the citizens (who are busy just trying to keep their heads above water!) to sort it all out!

Daryl said...

Trick is in the phrasing... so its not technically a 'lie' nevertheless .. go get 'em!

bobbie said...

Oh, they're good at phrasing things in a deceptive manner. But some of these commercials have been out and out lies.

maryt/theteach said...

Thanks for letting me know, bobbie! My TGT is about Canadian Geese. Come visit! :)

Think Green Thursday-Michelle said... are the green reporter. I will head over...I am always sending a letter or making a phone call regarding some aspect of the environment or other....Thanks for the heads up...Michelle