Monday, October 5, 2009

For the Jersey Girls

So, what do you think of Christopher Daggett? I came in late yesterday, but did manage to see most of the gubernatorial debate. Daggett walked all over the other two yahoos, didn't he? Corzine stumbled and hesitated his way through. Christie was his usual smooth, smarmy self. Lies, lies, lies! But Daggett said what needed to be said and sounded like he knew what he was talking about.

I must admit, I knew almost nothing about him until I heard him yesterday, which is why I'd like to hear from some of you. What do you think? I too am an Independent, so I like that about him. I like his concern for the environment very much.

Both the others have so many nasty campaign commercials on the air, I'm sick of both of them. I have yet to see or hear one from Daggett, although according to his web site, there is one out there. What do you know about him?

Between the other two, I would have to choose Corzine. He has done some really good things for New Jersey. But it's really another election in which I am forced to vote against instead of for someone. Now I have to do my homework on the one I know so little about.

P.S. - I just went to YouTube and watched Daggett's new commercial, on the escalator. Funny! and very clever, I thought.


Anonymous said...

Is the Daggett commercial the one on the elevator? I saw that on T.V. a while ago and thought it was clever. Didn't watch the debates.


Rambling Woods said...

Not my state. Here in NY the Prez doesn't want the current gov to run. The Dems have another candidate in mind...Politics is always interesting...