Thursday, October 8, 2009

Think Green Thursday

Michelle is once again hosting Think Green Thursday for us. Thanks, Michelle. We really appreciate it.

The mail this week brought me an opportunity to subscribe to Green America, which gives its readers a national directory of screened socially and environmentally responsible businesses. Sounds very good to me.

There was a lot of good information included with their offer. For instance, they printed a list of ten of the worst corporate criminals to avoid. Following and abiding by this list could entail some serious time and thought, and could mean changes in our lifestyle. Most of us are customers of those on the list. We haven't taken time or trouble to investigate those we patronize. We probably never considered the possibility that such investigation was necessary. Still, if we do think about it, refraining from patronizing them could make a difference. Here is the list:

l. Wal-Mart
2. Exxon Mobil
3. Coca-Cola
4. Nestle
5. Monsanto
6. General Motors
7. Dominion
8. Citigroup
9. Shell Petrolium

To check out just why these companies are on the list, you can go to and click on Responsible Shopper.

Also included in this mailing was a list of items which we may or may not realize can be recycled:

Appliances - Many stores will accept these for recycling. Or you might want to go to - or to

Athletic Shoes - still in usable condition - - or

Batteries -

Wearable Clothing -

Compact fluorescent bulbs - at IKEA stores - or

Computers and electronics -

Foam packing peanuts - 1-800-828-2214 for drop off sites. This one was a real surprise to me.

Oil -

Phones - - or

There is much more valuable information included. You may want to visit the website for Green America.


Anonymous said...

Great tips! Very good to know. Thanks for the links.


Daryl said...

Another wonderful post of info and ways to help ourselves help keep this planet green for the next generations

Kay said...

These are truly great tips. I was disappointed to see that the battery box recycling is not available in Hawaii and Alaska. Wouldn't you know it?

karin said...

I cannot find out on the Green America site why Wal-mart is number one. We shop there all the time and I know we see people working there who would otherwise be unemployed. I know the unions are against them. I also know they have found ways to reduce their consumption of energy. The only references I could find on the site date back to 2005. As far as sweatshops go, there are places in the third world that so-called "sweatshops" are the first step in improving the economy. Women who work long hours in factories don't need to sell their bodies to survive. Nicolas Kristof in the NYTimes has written about this.

Christine Gram said...

Great info Bobby! Thanks for passing it on. I will check out the web site. Nestle is a big "no" on my list because of their marketing of infant formula. And once you start looking, it's shocking to see how prevalent these companies' products are.

RA said...

Very informative post! Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful time always. Let's go green :)

Anonymous said...

This is so important Bobbie. I am going to join and add this to the website. Thank you so much... Michelle