Thursday, October 1, 2009

Think Green Thursday

Thank you, Michelle, for hosting Think Green Thursday for us each week.

I haven't a whole lot to say this week, since I just learned of this and have not been able to do any real research on it. I do not even know how many street lights there are in our town. But I just learned that the city fathers have finally decided to do a change over from our current street lights to a more green variety.

Can't help thinking that their reason isn't really so much concern for the environment as for the township coffers. It seems that last year it cost us more than $250,000 in electric bills for the street lights alone - no public buildings or anything else. Just street lights. So an engineer will be coming to town to discuss the situation and then it will be decided whether to go with solar or LED lighting. Well, whatever the reason, I'm happy that it will be done. One more small step in the right direction.


Daryl said...

Every little bit helps!

Tulip said...

it's good idea to rethink the lights in this town wish lot more use with the same idea.

my entry:

Think Green said... don't need to research anything for Think Green. Your post is perfect as it is about real living. This made me remember that also are putting in more eco-friendly street lights for the same reason. Money saving... Thank you for supporting Thinking Green Thursday... Michelle