Tuesday, October 6, 2009


OK. I am now a happy camper! The monarchs starting their migration have found my garden. And not just one or two. Today I had lots of chances to take pictures. There were also a few sulphurs. For some reason they were just moving too fast for me. I got a couple of pictures, but most were fuzzy because they just fly off too quickly and I am not so quick with the camera as I used to be.

The monarchs did pause occasionally on the Montauk daisy, but for the most part, they definitely favored the butterfly bush, even though it is now past its prime.

They also like the cosmos, and do spend some time there. But the butterfly bush is definitely their favorite.

They seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely, chasing one another through the air, dancing as if they could hear music that the human ear could not detect.

It made me very happy to watch them today.

This is why I plant a garden.
This is why I asked my son to do all that digging for me in the spring. Thank you, Joe!

(The house in the background of the last two pictures is my neighbor's, not mine - as you can tell by the cat curled up on the porch swing. For once, it stayed at home. )


kenju said...

Bobbie, I think you did a very good job getting photos! They are beautiful.

DeVona said...

Wow! The photos of multiple monarchs on one bloom are fantastic! Today was definitely a day to capture an essence of in pictures! Thank you for sharing your butterflies with your blogging friends.

Sylvia K said...

Oh, how beautiful, Bobbie! And how wonderful to be able to photograph them! They are gorgeous! I know it had to be a fun day -- would have been for me I know!



karin said...

Wonderful pictures Bobbie. Now are these the monarchs that go to Mexico or Pismo Beach, CA. I saw the monarchs who were spending the winter in Pismo just before they were going to go back north. This was way before I met Eliot when I was travelling alone in Schmetterling (butterfly in German - I always named my vehicles), my small Class C RV. The monarchs just coated the trees and then when the temperture got to 55F, they flew around chasing each other and sometimes the males would actually catch a female. The guide said they were practicing for when they really did mate.

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful and on their way to Mexico I suppose. They were here but only two of them. Unusual for us.

Daryl said...

Fabulous ... Its nice to 'hear' you when you are happy and feeling good

dianasfaria.com said...

Awesome photos Bobbie! Really, this must have been so delightful to witness! I am so happy for you.
: )

Dawn Fine said...

Wow WEee..I would be thrilled to! Great photos Bobbie!

ramblingwoods said...

Oh Bobbie..what a really sweet treat for you and the butterflies. I saw one monarch this season...I hope that my plans for a butterfly garden will help next season...Michelle

Kay said...

I just love all your butterfly photos, Bobbie. What a thrill to see those beautiful butterflies.