Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What Would You Do?

Just for fun - what would you do if you were running things? If you could lay down the rules for the next election and all elections to come? How would you change the way it's handled?

I know what I would do. For starters, the Electoral College would have to go! Every one of our votes would really count. And no more of the electronic votes. We'd go right back to the beginning, writing our choice on a piece of paper and dropping it into a ballot box. I don't care how many days or weeks it would take to count them. And there would be a time limit for candidates to run for office. They could start... let's see... maybe the Fourth of July. And they could each have the same amount of money to spend, and not a penny more. I haven't decided how much that would be, but it would not be multi-millions. And if the candidate was a senator, his pay would be docked proportionately to the amount of time he spent away from Washington. And churches and unions and everyone else would be banned from telling their people how they should vote. Everyone would just have to figure that out for themselves. Oh yes, and let's make it illegal to out and out lie about the other guy. In fact, why not make it illegal to even talk about the other guy? It could be a requirement that each candidate talk only about his own record and what he would like to do if elected.

Yes, it's a silly pipe dream. But don't you wish it could happen? And why can't some of it happen? Not to such exaggerated levels, but why not a more sane and sensible method of handling things?

As things are today, and as Pogo used to say, "I has met the enemy, and he is us!"

I have it on good authority that even the Pope himself has been looking at our election campaign and sent a letter to clergy stating that Catholics are not expected to vote solely on the issue of abortion. I won't even indulge myself with a discussion of what I think of single issue voting - but when the Pope sees fit to write such a directive, it has to tell you something. No, I'm not Catholic. I'm just saying...

Frankly, my greatest fear at this point is that this election will be stolen. Corruption has reached such levels today that the will of the people may very well be ignored.

Meantime - just for fun - what changes would you make, if you could?


Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi! I would not allow the name slinging and digging in the closet. ALL OF US have skeltons in the closet. Leave them there. What's done is done. Move forward. Families and friends would be off limits.

What I really want is the truth. Tell me "If I am elected, I am going to try and to this and that. I can not promise that it will happen, but I am going to try my best to make this happen." Because lets face it, they cannot do everything they are promising.

Honesty and straightforwardness would be refreshing.


Mental P Mama said...

I'm writing it in: "Bobbie for President 2008"

Judy said...

Like you Bobbie, I think they should each have the same amount to spend and I don't think they should be able to say bad things about each other. I think they should only be allowed to talk about what they would do if elected.

Bear Naked said...

Being Canadian I guess I shouldn't be posting about this.
All I can say is I think your country needs someone just like you running things.
In fact MY country needs someone like you.
Best bit of common sense I've read in a very long time.
Care to move North?

Bear((( )))

bobbie said...

Oh Bear! You don't know what a huge laugh you gave me. (And I wouldn't take the job for any amount of money even if anyone was foolish enough to offer it to me.)

Sylvia K said...

Your thoughts are pretty much the same as mine. I don't mind candidates raising their own money, but there should be some way to track donations, from who and how much, they should take a leave without pay during the time leading up to the election. I definitely would get rid of voting machines and either paper ballots or mail in -- that has worked well in the northwest at least. And being banned from talking about the other candiate and focusing on the issues, absolutely. You're right, we're dreamers, but why not -- it's better than the nightmares we have now!

bobbie said...

Thanks mpMama, but no thanks.

Lisa, you have the right idea.

kenju said...

Bobbie, you should have run for Senate or COngress many years ago - maybe we would not be in this mess now! I agree with everything you said, especially about spending limits and not talking bad about the other person!!

Anonymous said...

Well, I was getting all geared up to type out my set of ideas, but, gosh, you covered every one of them!! Maybe then we wouldn't need fact-checkers!

KG said...

I have been saying for YEARS that the electoral college should go. I think a lot of people don't bother voting because they know their state is going to go one way or the other and they don't think it's worth the effort. And who can blame them? They're right. said...

ooh great ideas Bobbie!
I love the one about shortening the campaign. & I love the one about only being allowed to talk about oneself.
That is the best one.
I wish i had something as good to add!

Alida Thorpe said...

You have some good ideas. You are so right! The election process is out-of-hand.

One additional change: I'd stop with the polls. It drives me crazy!
I feel that everyday the polls say something different. It's like the election is over already!

Daryl said...

After I dumped the Electorial College, I would set strict rules for DEBATING ... these rules would prohibit replying in 'campaign speak' or 'sound bites' .. candidates would HAVE to DEBATE .. which means pro/con on a topic not what you plan to do after you are elected which likely wont happen because you cant enact laws w/o Congress and they never play fair...

I would shorten the campaign period to six months total ... meaning party picks candidate .. convention (waste of money but apparently 'needed') and then election. No more 18 months of listening to rhetoric and in fighting

OH and I would prohibit any and all negative commercials ...


pink dogwood said...

I love this post and I share your dream - I think all things start out as dreams and we need to spread this dream around :)

Anonymous said...

You got support, girl! :)
Looking that the country is paralyzed for now basically 18months
of campaigning - 3 months would be plenty for campaigning. Start mid August and mid November. Not one freaking day longer. Spending caps on campaigns. Electoral college - out the door. 2 party system? Out the door. Adapt european measures with a percentage of votes, that is needed to get into senate and congress. Maybe 5%. No more absolute majorities, but the need for co-operation to form a government and the chance for Liberal Party, Green Party etc. to enter the national stage.
End of the registered voter manipulation. Everyone 18 and older has the right to vote. Show ID, vote, be compared to a national voter database to prevent multiple votes.
And outlaw Lobbyism. It is a slap in the face of democracy.
Revoke licenses for left and right wing talkradio, make them liable to be sued for slander.
Tons of things are totally out of whack in this country, that would need to be addressed.
Things like adding unrelated things to bills, earmarking etc.
Term limits for Senators and members of congress. adjusting the term times, too. 4 years each. not 2 or 6. Synchronize Elections nationwide.
All elections for local, state and country to happen on November 17th.
It feels like a never ending campaign in the US.
And of - course - have the party select their candidate and have them run afterwards. No money for internal party campaigns.

How 'bout them apples?
Cheers, Klaus

bobbie said...


Cliff said...

I've missed very few Sundays in a church pew in my 58 years and never once have I heard anyone say anything from the pulpit about abortion or politics for that matter. I too would like folks to keep themselves from placing everyone else in groups and then making assumptions about them.
You are right tho. People do a lot of one issue voting. I know several who would never think of voting for someone who was pro life. Of course those same folks are usually against the death penalty. Go figure. It's okay for them to kill the innocent but they do want to protect the guy that murdered 3 people.
Just a bit ago I sat and watched the evidence about Sarah Palin and rape kits. It is a complete farce but well orchestrated and getting millions of hits on the net. But untrue none the less. No one in her home town has ever had to pay for a rape kit.
I get some tv preachers brought up to me all the time. My response is that I know of no one who listens to them and I wouldn't know where to find one. I think they are only listened to by the left trying to find ammuniton.
On stealing the election. I also just watched video where some states have registration on voting day. No ID's required. College kids hauling people around registering and voting. That should get the death penalty, er... or at least mandatory neutering.
And lastly, abolishing the electoral college would guarantee socialisms even more rapid advance. A couple of high population centers and everyone within 200 miles of the coasts would elect the President every time. The same areas require more and more and more social give away programs each year that drain the life blood out of the other 90% of the territory. I can't agree on that one point.

bobbie said...

Hi Cliff - Thanks for your comments. I don't personally know of any Protestant ministers who have talked about abortion from the pulpit. There may be some - I don't know. I do know of several Catholic priests who have done so.
You have spoken before about "the coasts". I'm puzzled by that. I know people on both coasts, and in middle America too, and I really don't get your point. Both right and left are found everywhere.