Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More About Sylvia

I know that it sounds confusing. Perhaps Sylvia entertained the idea of a different blog name, then changed her mind.

Her new blog will be called Sylvia from Over the Hill.

The url for it is www.sylviafromoverthehill.blogspot.com

I have used it successfully. She has no posts up yet, but the blog site is there. I have even been able to put it on my list of blogs to follow. I'm sure she will be doing a post on it soon.

Her old blog site is also still there, and we can access it, but for some reason, she cannot get into it herself.

If you have any trouble, let me know and I'll let her know.


Webradio said...

Thank You for the info...

G. Harrison said...

hi bobbie,

thanks for your comment re gift-giving back at It Strikes.

a smaller Christmas is coming down the track and I bet it will be more enjoyable than many before it.


Gord H.