Monday, October 20, 2008


Many of my readers also know Sylvia Kirkwood, of The View from Over the Hill.
she is having a serious problem with her blog. She has asked some of us to inform as many of her readers as possible about this and give them her new information.

Following is a copy of the email I received from her:

I'm emailing those of you for whom I have email addresses. Google has trashed my ability to access my blog and told me that my gmail address is non-existent and they have given me a new email address for my Gmail account, so while my blog is still available to visitors, I can't post anything. I've spent two days trying to get something to work, someone to talk to me about what and why, but it's impossible. Geek squads don't handle anything relating to Google. So, my only alternative is to create a new blog, with a similar a name, The View from the Other Side of the Mountain, and my first post will be about the problem. If you wouldn't mind putting a little tidbit about this on your blog, I would appreciate it. I'll also be in touch with Ronni to let her know as well.
Thanks so much,

So, there you have it.We will be able to reach her from now on at Sylvia from Over the Hill. The url is

Good Luck with the new blog, Sylvia!


pink dogwood said...

Sorry to hear about her trouble - wish I could help her :(

Bear Naked said...

I couldn't access her blog from the url you posted.

Bear((( )))

storyteller said...

I appreciate you passing this information along and will share the change at Sacred Ruminations as well, but I want to get it right and I'm confused. Her old blog was The View from Over the Hill ( and according to the email … her NEW one is View from the Other Side of the Mountain ... so the URL you listed doesn't seem right. Could you check please? Thanks ...
Hugs and blessings,