Friday, October 3, 2008

Back to Leaming's Run

This week the weather was so perfect, a little cool and no humidity, I decided to try another walk through Leaming's Run. I had only managed it once before this summer. I took my faithful Hugo walker of course.

As I handed my season pass to the woman at the entrance, she asked me if I was afraid of snakes. No, not at all. She explained that s
he had seen a little black snake just a few minutes before. I have not seen many snakes at Leaming's, but have spotted one or two. They usually disappear from the path very quickly if a human approaches, but once I did manage to photograph a rather large one, sunning itself on the railing of a bridge over the Run.

Some of the flowers were beginning to fade as autumn arrived, but most were still very beautiful. I did take pictures of some, but this time I directed most of my attention to trees and moss and ferns, and as always, I love the shado
ws they create on the paths. This picture to the left was taken while I was in the center of the bamboo.

I had no appointments and expected no visitors, so took my time wandering along, and often stopped and sat in Hugo for a while, just absorbing the beauty around me. I spent just over two hours from start to finish. There were very few other visitors while I was there. I did see Emily Aprill briefly, but Jack and their sons did not make an appearance. I was a little sorry, because I enjoy talking with them, and this day I would have been interested to ask them questions about the humming birds. No birds were to be seen either. I guess they have left on their migration, but I wanted to ask where their nests had been. I've never seen one up close, and they are so tiny that I could not find one.

I saw a few butterflies. One monarch was very obliging about posing for me.

Near the gazebo, I noticed how beautifully the sky was reflected in the water of Leaming's Run.

Just beyond this, I paused to photograph the bridge. Don't you love the shadows?

I didn't notice at first, but at the far end, there was a small brown snake lying in the sun. As I started along the boards, it took off fast. I wasn't quite fast enough, but caught just a picture of his tail.

If you look closely you may make him out in the bridge picture.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day.


Just want to add -

I stole a video from another blog. It came from i beati and I hope she doesn't mind.
It is a wonderful video showing the hand feeding of a ruby throated hummingbird, and you will find it all the way at the bottom of this page. Take a few minutes and enjoy it.


Daryl said...

I did too .. I especially like the butterfly photo, 'he' coodinates so nicely with those flowers


Sylvia K said...

Your pictures are exquisite and I'm so glad you had a good day! It's so important to still be able to see and enjoy all the beauty around us -- in spite of the politics and all that other ugly stuff we have to deal with. Hope the rest of your day is beautiful, peaceful and rewarding.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great place for a leisurely walk and some comtemplation. I'm always on the lookout for snakes around here; we have some really cool ones. Haven't seen my little water snake again, but I keep my camera at the ready.

Judy said...

Your pictures are great and I love all the oranges and yellows this time of the year. I did see the snake on the bridge and am glad I was not with you for that one!

Kelly said...

Oh Bobbie, what a beautiful sequence of photos! It sounds and looks like you had my very favorite kind of day! I will add with the exception of your encounter with the snake though! I know that they are wonderful creatures, but I'm still a wimp when it comes to snakes. I am glad that for your sake you did get to see him though! I'll give you that he had a cute little tail as he slithered away!!! All of your photos are just beautiful and I can only imagine what a glorious day you had! Hope you feel the smile that this post has brought to my face and soul!

kenju said...

Lovely photos, Bobbie. I love the shadows on the bridge. I tried to visit ibeati, but I couldn't get her page to load for me. It loaded a few posts worth, and then it froze and I couldn't get it to go any further. It looks like a great site.

Gretchen said...

Just a beautiful series of shots!

LauraHinNJ said...

Leaming's Run is one of my favorite places to visit - I never made it there this year and it'll be too late when I go to Cape May at the end of this month. Oh well.

Lovely photos!

Webradio said...

Hello !
Nice shots, always...
See You later.

Dianne said...

I love the shadows!

that first shot is very dramatic.

sounds like it was a great day.

me ann my camera said...

This is the sort of visit I would enjoy very much too. I like to lose my self in time and just wander with my concentration focused on my surroundings as I wander with my camera, and if the only sounds that I hear are only those of nature, then it is all the better. You found a lovely place to share with others. I enjoyed your walk too.

Kathie Brown said...

What a nice walk you took us on! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love the play of light and shadow. How nice to know others who enjoy it also. I'm glad you saw the little snake!