Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Election Day Is Almost Here

Still undecided? I really don't understand that, but at this point I won't even try.

If you still have doubts, please follow this link to my friend, the Pagan Sphinx. You will find a rather impressive list of Republicans who are supporting Barack Obama.
It might give you food for thought.


Judy said...

I have decided who I will vote for. I will vote for Obama and so will my children next Tuesday. Hopefully, he will bring the change this country needs.

The Cunning Runt said...

I too am baffled by people who are still "undecided." It's hard to believe that stance is anything other than un-self-aware racism.

These two guys have been campaigning for two years, what else do you still need to know??

kenju said...

I have already voted for him!

Kay said...

Gosh, Bobbie. I'm so afraid. I've had my hopes dashed twice but this time it's crucial. The danger of having Sarah Palin in the #2 position is so frightening. I'm also sadly and keenly aware of the racism in this country. It's the one thing I am ashamed of in that percentage of Americans. I'll try to keep up hopes and spirits up for a few more days.

Webradio said...

Chuuutttt... No politic... Chuttt...

Cliff said...

The racism that keeps coming up is ridiculous bobbie. The accusation is meant to hide the obvious shortcomings of the candidate. I, in no way, can vote for someone with zero of the type of experience it takes to lead this country. He has said he believes the 'court' is the best way to affect the change over to 're-distributive change in the economy'. His appointments to the court will finish off this country and your childrens children wll be living under full blown socialism. Of course our standard of living will deteriorate quickly but at least the rest of us taxpayers could lay around and wait for our handouts. Not having to work for a living is appealing and I suppose some are buying into it.
He has accomplished nothing so far but running for President. He has promised to finish giving the country away. The only hope we have to save this country is a true conservative.
I want a candidate that says "I'm going to cut all entitlements by 50%." (that would get rid of 35% of our expenditures. We are at 65% of our budget right now spent on entitlements. Spending on the war is non existent in comparison to the social give aways.
For crying out loud people, if you have kids take care of them yourself or don't have them.) "Everyone in the cities will need to go find a job and pay their way including health care." This promising to give away the farm needs to stop. Education can't be fixed by throwing more money at it. That's been proven time and time again. The wealthy already pay way more than their share. Over taxing the wealthy will simply cost jobs. It will also chase the wealth out of the country, which I assure you will take about 30 days.
Palin would make a great President for the taxPAYERS of America but not so good for the tax grabbers of America. She would also appoint justices that would protect the constituion instead of 'shredding' it like Obama promises.
The other ticket has zero ideas I can agree with.(and a certifiable LOON in the 2nd slot)
This is easily the most important election in my life time.
If Obama wins it will be the beginning of the end. ~go immediately to a cash position if it happens~
Other than that I don't have an opinion.

Ralph said...

I've voted, I'm done, I'm ready to move on.

bobbie said...

Thanks for your comment, Cliff. Of course I know you are a staunch Republican. That's fine. You have sincere opinions and you're expressing them, as I do mine. That's fine too. That's what our country is supposed to be all about. Your opinions of all candidates concerned and mine are so far apart it isn't even funny. You feel if Obama wins, it's disaster. I feel if McCain wins, it's disaster.
Truth be told, as strong as we both feel, no matter who wins, life WILL go on, and the American people are strong enough to deal with whatever we have to. At least for four more years.

Mojo said...

I didn't vote until this morning, but it wasn't because I was undecided about the presidential race. After 21 months of campaigning, there's not a lot left to learn and I knew I'd be Barack-ing the vote as soon as the convention was over and the nomination was decided.

The thing that delayed me was researching the races on the other side of the ballot. Those races impact your day-to-day life even more directly than the "headliners" on the front side.

As for the "big headliner" race, I can distill that question down to two questions. a) Is the country -- as a whole, not me or you individually -- in a better position now than it was 8 years ago? and b) Will four more years of the same policies and ideologies change that?

If the polls can be believed -- which is certainly open to question -- it would appear that the electorate has answered both questions with a firm "No". I know I have.

At this late stage, it's not the voters like Cliff I hope to reach. It's the ones still on the fence for whatever reason I hope to sway. Cliff's as firm in his convictions as I am in mine, and it's doubtful that anything I can say will change that. And some percentage of Americans will agree with his views. But not so many now as four years ago.

Vote your conscience, vote smart... but most of all vote. The process only works when that happens.

storyteller said...

I’m baffled by folks who are still undecided too. I voted early yesterday at a local City Hall and am holding the thought that Obama will be our next President of the United States!!! Lunar Musings posted the YES WE CAN video on her blog … and it’s worth checking out if you’ve not seen it.
Hugs and blessings,

Gretchen said...

No idea how a person can't have that decided. It's only the most important decision we can make that will directly affect how our country will be run for the next four years! Do we want more of the same or not? It's pretty simple for me. I'm sick of losing my freedom and rights and will never vote for a party that will do that.

Palin terrifies me. She's a "heart beat away from President." She's a full blown wackadoo. Has anyone listened to her speak? Someone that far to the right and a radical Christian cannot be allowed to have that much power over our lives. All it would take is one Supreme Court appointee to tip the balance and there goes even MORE of the rights that good ole GW hasn't already taken. Talk about who has no experience? How is she qualified? Oh SHE'S NOT!

Hope everyone is having a very Happy Halloween and a Blessed Samhain!